About The Nacho World

The Army full of some powerful soldiers and are good humored are the Nachos.They were one of the first armies created.Jamesbond1 is the first organized leader of the Nachos.He gave the Nachos a leadership system.He was a great leader of the nachos.It was a big step into the right direction of becoming a major army in Club Penguin Warfare. Although we know who the first leader of the Nachos was (1st) Jamesbond1, there is still very little is known about the beginning (first generation) of the Nachos because there were no written records written on a website. It was not until the 2nd generation, a website was made by the 2nd leader of the Nachos, Tom Wolf.Tom Wolf http://tomwolfnachosclubpenguin.blogspot.com/ was the second leader.The Nachos were created in 2006 of the summertime.JamesBond1 is the legend of the Nachos ARMY.Later he retired from the nachos and tom wolf took his place.Tom Wolf was actually the first nacho to make a website about the Nachos Army.He decided to retire from the Nachos.Later on Zippy took his place.Here is a quote about Tom Wolf.

  • “Tom Wolf can be considered one of the greatest Nachos ever. He was one of the first and most well known Nacho Leaders of all time. He was a funny, cool, great to hang out with guy. He had the first Nacho website, and retired in early 07.” -Shadow2446
Zippy became the most well known leaders of all time.If you want to know more about the Nachos at http://nachoarmy.net/about/

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